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Every smile is beautiful
Discover the new beauty of your smile with aligners therapy
What are aligners and why the therapy at the Implant Centre Frankić?
Aligners are transparent orthodontic device. They differ from braces in that they straighten the teeth up to 50% faster, aligners are transparent and can be removed during meals. They combine the state-of-the-art technologies such as SmartTrack and SmartForce materials. They have made over 6 million smiles more beautiful all over the world, for more that 20 years. They take pride in its over 700 patents which has put orthodontics to a whole new level. Wearing an orthodontic device can finally be a comfortable, interesting experience thanks to aligners! Our dental specialists with great experience will transform your smile to one from your dreams.
1. Aligners are transparent
Aligner is an almost entirely transparent device that doesn’t interfere with the quality of your life. Wearing a transparent aligner enables you to complete your daily duties easily and be relaxed. You may remove it during meals! Isn't that exactly what you need?
2. Aligners solve 95% of all masticatory system anomalies
Regardless of whether you have crowded or gapped teeth, an irregular or open bite – aligner efficiently corrects your teeth up to 50% faster. It is necessary to wear the aligner for 20-22 hours a day for best results.
3. Excellent production materials, in record time
Aligners are made of a sophisticated SmartTrack material which moves your teeth to an ideal position gently, simply and fast. We follow the expected results using advanced software with results of millimetre accuracy.
A smile as unique as you are!
Aligners are completely discrete and they are changed weekly. The number of aligners depends on your therapy. The daily movements of your teeth with the aligners will make your wish come true – a straight, healthy and beautiful smile!
Clear Aligner
Aligner therapy
Little steps to great results
It is indeed possible. Day by day, week by week, your teeth will resemble the final result more. Skip the obstacles! Don’t hold back your smile because aligner offers numerous options.

Frequently asked questions

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3 simple steps to the results

  • 1. Make an appointment
    This way you will find out whether you are a candidate for the aligners therapy. Additionally, you will find out which aligners therapy would be optimal for your dental condition. Upon starting the therapy, your aligners are made in America based on the digital oral scan which we did in our clinic during your check-up. After the production, the aligners arrive to the Implant Centre Frankić just for you.
  • 2. Your aligners are ready
    You will receive your first aligner in our dental clinic with detailed instruction for optimal use in order to get the expected results. The aligners are changed every or every two weeks as agreed with your dentist. Your therapy consists of as many aligners as the dentist decided for your dental condition.
  • 3. Your therapy is done
    You are ready to enjoy in your beautiful smile, designed just for you!

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