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Implant Centre Frankić is especially respective of the private life of our visitors and the users of our web pages.

This document describes the policy that the company Implant Centre Frankić (from hereinafter Implant Centre Frankić) applies in reference to the personal data that they may collect, their usage and the people to which it applies.


In general, you may visit the web pages of the Implant Centre Frankić without sharing your personal data. It may happen that the Implant Centre Frankić requests your personal data in order to satisfy your needs better in terms of contacting you, processing your request etc. In this case, it refers to your contact information (name, e-mail address, phone number etc.).

Collecting personal data. The Implant Centre Frankić shall collect personal data only for the specific purpose which is clearly defined and in compliance with the law. That data shall not be used in any ways that do not comply with that purpose. When the Implant Centre Frankić collects personal data, they shall inform the person concerned at that moment or prior to collection, but in all cases prior to using the data for specific purposes. The Implant Centre Frankić is required to use the personal data only in an appropriate and fitting way which does not cross the purpose for which the data had been collected. The Implant Centre Frankić shall take every precaution to ensure that the processed data is correct and, if necessary, updated.


– give you information on their services
– make an appointment for a dental check-up
– participate in the interactive features of their web pages
– communicate and develop a commercial relationship with you

The Implant Centre Frankić is required to get your consent in order to use your data for commercial purposes.


The recipients of your personal data are exclusively the authorised persons who may know your personal data because of their function. The Implant Centre Frankić shall share your personal data with the suppliers in order to process your request. They are contractually obliged to respect the confidentiality and the security of the data that they receive, and they are allowed to use them only for the purposes of the entrusted task. The Implant Centre Frankić shall not sell, rent or give your personal data to a third party without your prior consent. This does not apply to the following cases: legal or administrative decisions in order not to violate valid legal provisions, in order to protect the rights and the goods of the Implant Centre Frankić.


The Implant Centre Frankić shall not retain your personal data any longer than it is necessary considering the purpose of the collection or longer than is allowed by the legal provisions. Access, change, deletion and contradiction. You may request the right to access your personal data from the Implant Centre Frankić at any moment. Furthermore, you may request the right to change or delete any of these data or to contradict our processing of the data provided there is a valid reason. You may use your right to contradict without any reason in the case of commercial use. In order to obtain these rights, please contact the administrator of the web page in question and/or the head of the Personal Data Protection Department.


The Implant Centre Frankić has determined the precautionary measurements in order to enable the confidentiality, security and completeness of your personal data. The access to the personal data is limited to the employees that need to know and who are informed about the rules of confidentiality. In case that a commercial web page is in question then the collection of bank data shall always be conducted in accordance with the efficient and legal steps of secure payments: these measures may reflect on the SSL coding (designed to make data illegible to others) during the collection or transmission of confidential data. These data shall only be used for the online payments and shall not be saved. The Implant Centre Frankić is especially careful to keep your data correct, intact and that unauthorised third parties cannot access them.


The Implant Centre Frankić collects data which refer to the way our web pages are used in order to provide the visitors and users of these web pages with the best possible service using cookies. The cookies are in fact maps that your browser stores on your hard drive when you visit a web page. The cookies do not enable that you are personally recognised. The stored data may be the web pages that you have browsed, the date and time of the visits, some other information referring to the browsing. You may be warned about the use of cookies depending on your browser settings. You may choose to accept or decline the use of cookies. Your browser settings also allow you to turn off cookies.


In general, the web pages of the Implant Centre Frankić are not appropriate for minors who are under (18) eighteen years of age. If this refers to you, we urge you not to share your personal data without your parents’ consent.


The web pages of the Implant Centre Frankić may contain links to the web pages of third parties. The Implant Centre Frankić does not control those pages and cannot bear responsibility for the way they deal with confidentiality or for their content. We advise you to read the privacy policy that is posted on those web pages prior to using them or giving your personal data.


You accept this policy by using this web page. In case that you do not consent to this policy, do not use this page and do not share any personal data.

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