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All on four

Innovative method to the perfect smile

Make a wish and achieve exquisite beauty of your smile, perfect functionality and the sensation of natural teeth

Imagine a perfect smile, designed just for you. Ideal proportions. When you take a bite, it feels like your natural teeth. It makes you look vital, young and perfectly graceful. This is what guides us when we are designing your new smile. These are the performances that the All on Four method offers. We wish that you feel safe, comfortable and trusting from the beginning to the end of the therapy.
Doctor Frankić established our therapy protocol. It guarantees that we approach every patient individually. You will get an abundance of useful information from the very first check-up and all the way to the goal of the therapy towards which we go together. An innovative solution put into the All on Four method.

The advantages of the All on Four method

It feels like natural teeth, and it is a painless procedure with fast recovery
It enables a high aesthetic of your smile
A free palate enables you to enjoy food and beverages freely
It revitalises the entire face
Solid construction and 100% precise design of all elements developed with computer guidance
Straumann titanium implants guarantee biocompatibility
Unsurpassed functionality of the masticatory system
Pleasant sensation in the mouth, no risk of falling out or gluing
You can relax and smile with gusto
Straumann zubni implantati

All on Four for the perfect result

All on four implants
All on four implants
“I am finally enjoying with a beautiful smile again! I would like to thank doctor Ante Frankić and the entire team of the Implant Centre Frankić for the patience, professionalism, great care and cordiality during my therapy. Thank you!”
Snježana Š.

Why do we offer the All on Four method

Leading expert
Doctor Frankić is the name that unites the maximal care for the patient, a planned and designed therapy, acknowledging the patient’s wishes, exceptional availability and a professional approach. We stand out because of our quality and the desire to give every one of our patients an ideal smile that will last forever.
100% precision
100% design precision in our digital dental laboratory
with state-of-the-art equipment. We would like to highlight the designed components such as milled titanium constructions and multi-layered zirconium crowns which were made with the use of the CAD/CAM technology and the modern, sophisticated technology of highly precise German imes-icore® CNC machines for milling.
Premium design
Our premium design guarantees an aesthetic created individually just for you. Your anatomic characteristics guide us through the CAD/CAM designing and then through the construction of the components of the All on Four method.
Exceptional material
First class quality of the materials in our dental practice is the component that has put our work at its high level. The strength of the zirconium, the stability of the titanium constructions, the durability and the 100% natural feel, give the integrity to the All on Four method that every patient needs.
The ideal price-quality ratio of the All on Four method makes it an affordable, efficient and long-term solution. At the same time, it keeps the important part of every personality – the high aesthetics of the smile.
100% implantation success
The success rate of the Straumann implants insertion is almost 100% at our clinic.

The steps of the All on Four insertion protocol

The first and most important step is a detailed check-up.
A conversation with our doctors will inform you on what you may expect during the entire All on Four insertion protocol, how to prepare, how to maintain a healthy oral cavity during the fusing period, as well as all other important information. Once we determine that you are a candidate for the All on Four method, we may continue with the protocol.
The insertion of the Straumann implants follows. This revolutionary method enables an immediate placement of the implants which results in a new smile within 24 hours after the insertion. The patient gets temporary teeth that they wear for the duration of the fusing period which is 3 months.
When our dentist confirms that the implants have successfully fused, we begin the production of the final fixed product. It consists of a milled titanium construction and 12 individual zirconium crowns. The entire process is designed individually considering the face shape and the width of the patient’s smile using the advanced CAD-CAM technology which enables us to perfect the smile to its tiniest detail.
The patient receives the revolutionary solution, the All on Four method.
It is time that your new life begins, a life with a smiling face.

What is the price of the All on Four method?

The price of the therapy includes the check-up and an offer, all the necessary diagnostic methods such as CBCT scans of the soft and hard tissues, the placement of 4 Straumann implants, postoperative check-ups, temporary fixed teeth made with CAD-CAM technology that the patient receives 24-48 hours after the implant insertion, final fixed product which includes the milled titanium construction with 12 individual zirconium teeth made with CAD-CAM technology, all regular check-ups and sandblasting upon the completion of the entire process. The All on Four method offers an ideal price-quality ratio.
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