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Dental bridge is a prosthetic replacement which substitutes one or more teeth. In order to make it, it is necessary to grind one or more teeth.

It is the only way to replace the missing teeth unless you opt for dental implants.

“In order to replace one or more teeth, it is necessary to grind adjacent teeth.”

Dental bridge


Veneers are prosthetic replacements that correct minor aesthetic flaws of the teeth. Our zirconium veneers are made exclusively by the CAD-CAM technology and they provide excellent aesthetics and durability to our patients.

“CAD-CAM zirconium veneers offer exceptional production quality, excellent aesthetics and durability.”

Dental veneers
Dental crowns


Dental crowns are prosthetic replacements which solve the functional and aesthetic problems of missing one or more teeth. They are placed on the existing tooth that has been grinded or on the implant. They can be made of different materials but in our clinic, we exclusively make zirconium dental crowns using the state-of-the-art CAD-CAM technology.

“We exclusively use dental crowns made using the state-of-the-art CAD-CAM technology.”

The patient is included in all phases of making the dental crowns and they participate in the designing of their new smile with our experts.

All our prosthetic replacements are made of zirconium, and they appear natural thanks to their transparency and reflection.

“I am thrilled with my new smile! I have wanted to smile for a long time and with the help of doctor Frankić, this dream has come true. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!” K. R. L.

Before the procedure After the procedure
Zirconium dental crowns
Zirconium dental crowns
Zirconium dental crowns


Temporary teeth are prosthetic elements that the patient wears while waiting for the final prosthetic replacement. They are made of acrylic material using the CAD-CAM technology. They ensure that the patient sees the possible appearance of the future, final, prosthetic replacement.

They are made in the dental laboratory upon taking prints and they also have a functional and aesthetic purpose. They make it aesthetically possible that the patient returns to his everyday activities because the grinded teeth, which are prepared for the bridge or crown, are not sensitive to hot or cold.

Temporary teeth
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